A Quick Guide To Standard Freelance Writing Rates

Whether you are new to freelance writing or you have been writing for a while and are wondering whether or not you’re getting paid enough at the moment, you may be interested in what the going rate is for written work. Of course, as a freelance writer you do not want to undersell yourself, but you do not want to risk over charging if this will be detrimental to your chances of winning work.

Competing in a global market

The first thing to be aware of is that, thanks to the Internet and global communications, you will not only be competing with people in your own country but from all around the world as well. As a result, there is potentially a wide range of different rates that people will be willing to work for, depending upon the cost of living in their own country.

For example, there may be someone in the United States who would struggle in earning only a few dollars per hour, whereas someone in south-east Asia may be able to make a good living earning just a few dollars per hour.

Due to this massive fluctuation in prices, many clients who use content mills will take advantage of the low costs provided by some of the users. If the client is happy to look for low paid writers then it may be that you simply cannot compete. However, for the client, although they may benefit from low prices, the quality of the work may be quite poor, particularly if written by someone that doesn’t have English as their first language. Ideally, you want to look for clients who are happy to pay a little bit extra as long as they get high-quality work.

Content mills versus private clients

Most freelance writers look for work on freelancing websites on the Internet or by sourcing clients privately. Whilst the latter requires more motivation and dedication, it has the potential to be far more lucrative on a word-by-word basis.

You are unlikely to find clients who are willing to pay more than a few cents per word when using content mills, with some clients only willing to pay considerably less. However, private clients, such as magazines or big businesses, may be willing to pay as much as a dollar per word, or even much more for bigger campaigns.

Ultimately, freelance rates depend on the quality of your work, where you find the work, and what the requirements of the work are. Rather than focusing on what other people are earning, you need to ask yourself whether the amount that you are earning sufficiently meets your expectations.

not only a part-time work

Some writers start off doing a few projects that begin as part-time work. As they see their potential they want to know how this can become their full-time job. A few writers are fortunate enough to say they earn enough to make a living. Others may think this is impossible but possibilities are endless. Overall, being a freelance writer is excellent! Some may not have the exact words to describe the feeling, but they can see themselves writing for a very long time. The benefits are great but when you feel this is your calling you feel right at home.

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