How To Become A Qualified Freelance Writer: 5 Simple Tricks

It’s estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of writing opportunities out there that have made freelance writing a very profitable career for young writers. Freelancers write without belonging to a single entity but act like an independent contractor or a private small business. It’s possible to be both a part-time freelancer who supplements regular income or a full-time freelance writer who earns a good living. Here are five simple tricks to becoming a qualified freelance writer:

  • - Learn and Master Your Craft: This might seem obvious but you’ll be surprised how many people try jumping into freelance writing before mastering some basic writing skills. Be sure that you are comfortable and confident with your writing, and make it a point to continue to learn your craft. Practice grammar, join writing groups and become involved in furthering your knowledge in a wide range of writing styles.

  • - Be Comfortable Communicating with Your Clients: Freelance writers need to reach out to potential clients. And when those clients respond it’s up to the freelance writer to keep communication lines open. Prepare to market yourself, send thank you notes, and generally make yourself available to answer questions via email or chat for a few minutes each day. Clients will appreciate the contact and you’ll reassure them that you’re attentive to their needs.

  • - Balance Working Alone with Leisure Time: Freelance writing can be extremely lonely at times. No matter how much you love your craft you may find times when you need to get out and surround yourself with others who could offer at least an hour of relaxation and a chance to unwind. Don’t become a workaholic as it usually leads to poor and forced writing. Take your breaks and get away from that computer.

  • - Prepare for a Lot of Self-Discipline: If you want to succeed as a freelance writer, you’re going to have to establish a great sense of responsibility toward your employers, clients and yourself. Be organized and set up a dedicated writing space where you will have no distractions. Keep all of your reference books nearby, plan your meals, and turn off that television. The freedom of freelance writing can be difficult to adjust to, so be disciplined and set some ground rules.

  • - Set Your Career Goals: Since you are just starting out it is very important to keep your existing job while your reputation as a freelance writer grows. This could mean that you set a goal to complete all of your freelance writing in the morning or evenings – no matter when you do it, stick to it. You will have trouble becoming a freelance writer if you don’t set up goals to aim for.

not only a part-time work

Some writers start off doing a few projects that begin as part-time work. As they see their potential they want to know how this can become their full-time job. A few writers are fortunate enough to say they earn enough to make a living. Others may think this is impossible but possibilities are endless. Overall, being a freelance writer is excellent! Some may not have the exact words to describe the feeling, but they can see themselves writing for a very long time. The benefits are great but when you feel this is your calling you feel right at home.

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