Great Freelance Writer Directions On What Is A Job Description

If you want to be successful as a freelance writer there are a number of qualities or characteristics you need to acquire. Obviously you need to be able to write well. But you also need to be good at research and the following instructions. You most certainly need to be good at proofreading and editing. And even those few things are not enough. You need to know where the jobs are advertised and how to put in an appropriate application and what fee to bid. And if you get all of those things correct you might well have a terrific chance of finding work.

But sad to say there are some freelance writers who do all of those things but have problems knowing what a job description is. What should you look for?

  • - What is the length of the project?

  • - How much research do you need to carry out?

  • - What is the deadline for the completion of the task?

  • - Is the employer an experienced employer?

  • - Why are they likely to employ you?

It's an elementary point but also a crucial one. If the job involves writing a blog or article of say 500 words then that is what it is. But if it's an e-book with 40,000 words then that is a very much different kettle of fish. One of the first things any freelance writer needs to look at is the word count required.

Any half decent freelance writer will take on jobs writing about a topic they know next to nothing about. This is because they are experienced and very good at conducting research. Before you apply for a particular job you should check to see how much you know already on the topic involved and if little or nothing, how easy is it for you to access relevant research material.

Never accept a job or start working on a job without knowing the deadline. Once you know the finishing date, work backwards. Set up a timetable or timeline. You need to be at stage 1 by day such and such. This is a plan where you have milestones.

It's really important to consider the background of the person offering the work. There is a big difference between someone who's been employing freelance writers for years and someone who is new to the task. It always helps to know as much as you can about the employer. Have they given reviews of other people they have employed in the past? If so what comments did they make?

Finally one of the best ways to assess the instructions or directions listed in a job description is to ask yourself why would the employer want to hire you. You're not interested in why the employer would want to hire any other writer, just you. Is it because you have qualifications and experience? Is it because you have some wonderful testimonials from other employers? To help you better understand the job description for a particular task, look at the comments made by other adjudicators.

not only a part-time work

Some writers start off doing a few projects that begin as part-time work. As they see their potential they want to know how this can become their full-time job. A few writers are fortunate enough to say they earn enough to make a living. Others may think this is impossible but possibilities are endless. Overall, being a freelance writer is excellent! Some may not have the exact words to describe the feeling, but they can see themselves writing for a very long time. The benefits are great but when you feel this is your calling you feel right at home.

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